Nearly 30 new videos have been added to the site

Hey there fellow delisted visitors! I just wanted to remind everyone that there’s a Delisted Games YouTube channel for those who like to watch (uhh) or those who like to see these ungettable games in action. I’m still — still! — rebuilding the channel after its original form was stricken from the internet and over the last couple of months I’ve posted about 30 videos.

These have been added to their respective pages on the site and I’m working this weekend to queue up another few  months of videos. There’s much more to be recorded but I’m afraid that will have to wait a bit longer as we’re in the process of buying a house and moving through the Autumn months. There’s plenty to catch up on in the meantime and here’s just a few of the latest uploads and popular videos on our channel:

I am loathe to say it but if you could “Like and Subscribe” and all that, it really would help out the site and the channel. It’s much appreciated if you do but no worries if you don’t. Either way, thanks for finding your way to Delisted Games, I hope you found something useful here on the site.