More help finding your favorite Xbox GamerPics

I get a lot of comments on my original Xbox 360 GamerPics tour video from 2018. The tiny avatar icons have somewhat fallen out of favor on the newer consoles but the love for these pics is clearly still strong. Usually someone will say “hey, at 0:19 what’s the one in the third row?” and I’ll try my best to remember where this tabby cat in a red bowtie came from. Typically, I’m a little stumped. I used to download anything that said “Free” on it whether I liked the imagery or not, so there are plenty I can’t put a name to.

Fortunately there’s a newer site I just found that’s proving to be a great help in identifying my GamerPics: I’m not sure who is running the site but according to their stats you can currently find 23,587 GamerPics pulled from 1.2 million player profiles. You can sign into the site with your own Xbox account but I’m a bit wary of it myself.

To show off the site and how you can browse that collection of pics I recorded a new video that you can watch above. If you still can’t pinpoint a specific pic on your own just comment and I’ll see if I can help. Thanks for checking it out.