Miniclip shutting down its web game portal this Summer

Miniclip shutting down its web game portal this Summer

After recently announcing that their Android and iOS titles have accumulated over 4 billion downloads, Miniclip confirmed on April 6th that their long-running web game portal will soon lose most of its games. The Miniclip business is “evolving” with even more focus on mobile as fewer and fewer players likely access their games exclusively from a desktop browser. After a vague deadline of Summer 2022 the only games that will remain playable from the website will be Miniclip’s own and 8 Ball Pool.

The evolution of marks an incredible milestone in the Miniclip journey. Since opening our mobile division back in 2010, players have been migrating to mobile to play their favourite games, where they already enjoy the likes of, 8 Ball Pool and Soccer Stars. Therefore, we are focusing on mobile to deliver incredible experiences for both existing and new players. Fans of and 8 Ball Pool will still be able to enjoy those games via, as well as access a wealth of information about Miniclip as a business.

Miniclip Support post

The company provided a lengthy FAQ that repeatedly rephrases the above statement but does confirm a few finer points. Outside of and 8 Ball Pool, none of the games on will be accessible after the Summer deadline. They also explain that handing off the platform to fans would not be possible as “the technology required to make this happen is a proprietary solution to Miniclip”. 

The majority of games currently on the site are licensed from other developers and after Miniclip’s “shift of content” these deals will effectively be terminated. While developers are then free to do what they want with their games, those hoping for an eventual return to web games from Miniclip should look elsewhere; the company stated that “there are no plans” for a future web-based portal.

Miniclip will hopefully provide more details as the summer months draw closer but for now it could happen any time between July and September. I’ll pencil in the first of each month on the Watch List calendar until we know more. Thanks to HandMaskTar for pointing out the news.