Meridian: New World and Squad 22 leave tomorrow, May 29th

Meridian: New World and Squad 22 leave tomorrow, May 29th team member king_kunat announced early this morning that two Meridian titles, and one soundtrack, will be leaving the platform tomorrow, May 29th at 1pm UTC (9am EST).

Hello all! Unfortunately, we’ve just received the information that two games (and OST for one of them) have to be delisted shortly. On GOG this will happen on May 29th, 1 PM UTC. The titles are:

It’s always terrible to bring such news, especially to start the week with it, but the silver lining is that by grabbing them DRM-free no one will ever take them from you. announcement – May 28, 2024

Meridian: New World was originally released in 2014 and Meridian: Squad 22 just two years later in 2016. Developer Elder Games’ other title, Cardaclysm, looks to be sticking around suggesting that the delistings are due to expired publishing rights among Meridian’s joint publishers Merge Games and Headup Games. The titles (New World, Squad 22) appear to be sticking around on Steam as well.

Thanks to SmashMan for submitting the news on this one. We’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up on the site later.