Mega Solitaire Collection

Mega Solitaire Collection

Digital ReleaseSteam
March 27,2021
DelistingFebruary 21, 2023
DeveloperGamer Girl
PublisherGamer Girl
Available OnNone
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Developer and publisher Gamer Girl announced on February 19th, 2023 that the Steam release of Mega Solitaire Collection would be removed “within the next few days” as the studio had sold off the property and would be shutting down. The game was ultimately removed from Steam on February 21st.

we’ve recently sold this project to another developer as part of the liquidation process of our business. The buyer is only interested in distributing it on mobile and asked us to unpublish the Steam version. It will be removed within the next few days. If you have this game in your Steam library, you will still be able to play it after it’s removed from the store.

We’re sorry for inconsistent messaging recently. If you feel our actions were unfair to you, please feel free to reach out to us via support email, and we can refund your earlier purchase directly. Thank you for playing! And thank you for your purchases!

Steam Announcement – February 19th, 2023

The game went free-to-play on January 24th and has no DLC or in-game purchases so it seems Gamer Girl decided to give it away until it was removed from the Steam storefront.

About the Game

A collection of 70 solitaire variations, with card sets in anime, fantasy and cute animals styles. Popular solitaire types in the collection: Klondike, ThreeCell, Three Peaks, Pyramid, Spider. Other types, in alphabetic order (you can learn their rules in in-game help):

  • A: Acme, Alhambra, Alternation, Auld Lang Syne, Aunt Mary,
  • B: Baker’s Game, Batsford, Beleaguered Castle, Blind Alleys, Blockade, Brigade, Busy Aces,
  • C: Canfield, Capricieuse, Carlton, Castles in Spain, Congress, Corona, Courtyard,
  • D: Diplomat, Double Klondike, Double Rail,
  • E: Easthaven, Eight Off,
  • F: Fan, Flower Garden, Fortress, Fortune’s Favor, Forty and Eight, Forty Nine, Forty Thieves,
  • G: Gargantua, Giant,
  • K: King Albert, Kingdom,
  • L: Lady Palk, Legion, Limited, Lucas,
  • M: Maria, Martha, Midshipman, Milligan Harp,
  • N: Napoleon’s Exile, Number Ten,
  • O: Octagon,
  • R: Raglan, Red and Black, Royal Aids, Russian Solitaire,
  • S: Scotch Patience, Single Rail, Somerset, Squadron, Steps, Stonewall, Streets, Streets and Alleys,
  • T: Tam O’Shanter, Thirty Six, Triple Line,
  • W: Waning Moon, Westcliff, Whitehead,
  • Y: Yukon.

The game uses Solitaire Engine asset from Unity Asset Store with some improvements. We intend to improve it further and welcome any suggestions.

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