May 31st sees The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s VR DLC on Steam

May 31st sees The Vanishing of Ethan Carter’s VR DLC on Steam

We don’t typically report on DLC delistings but this one is kind of an unusual case. The entire VR version of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, currently sold as $10 DLC, is going to be removed from the Steam release of the game on May 31st. Developer The Astronauts cites an inability to keep it up to date and functional with newer headsets and operating systems.

On Friday (31.05.2024), we will be removing the option to buy the VR version of Vanishing of Ethan Carter for new players. If you already own the title, nothing is changing, and you can still access it as before.

This decision was made because we can no longer support this version of the game, so we cannot guarantee it will work with new VR headsets and OSes.

The Astronauts

Steam Announcement – May 27, 2024

What is currently unclear is if this also impacts the Meta Quest release of the game which could strike it off of that platform entirely. The non-VR versions of the game look to remain on sale everywhere else including Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Thanks again to m1n3c7afty for submitting the news on this one, we’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar.