Magic Tower Maidens, Dear Nostalgia, and 7 games from FelGC leaving Steam soon

Magic Tower Maidens, Dear Nostalgia, and 7 games from FelGC leaving Steam soon

Another roundup of Steam delistings coming up “soon”. Here are the related games and announcements. Thanks to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news. Grab them while they last which isn’t expected to be much longer.

Magic Tower Maidens

Magic Tower Girls Studio

Hello, everyone, we are the development team of Magic Tower Girl. After deep consideration at the boss’s decision-making level, we officially submit the application to remove this app today. Upon official steam approval, the game will be removed immediately and will not be available for purchase. At the end of the time I hope that people can encounter this game collection.

Since the launch of this game, its sales in the market are seriously not in line with the expected sales. (Only a few thousand copies have been sold to date, while the boss expected sales of 50,000.) Even so, the team has worked hard to fix the game’s bugs, and has gone through several updates to add more convenient features.

But in spite of this, it still made this work in the sea, and the sales still did not improve after the price reduction of 6 yuan, so the boss decided to pull the game. (playstation is said to be coming back to make a new game to try)

No one expected such a failure result, the development of a game is the need for a lot of time and manpower and material resources, the development of the work lasted more than half a year. No one does such a thankless thing, and it’s chilling to see comments about people calling it a scam. How could anyone be so naive as to think that 1,000 sales minus $100 of shelves equals $7.800? Does the time cost of development and production come out of thin air? The last Zuma Girl was launched in May last year, and after the completion of development, the development team put into the production of Magic Tower Girl. We do everything we can to develop each game. But making any game project is risky, and every success has its failures. There are tons of new games that launch on steam every day, but only a few actually make money.

Many thanks to the players who have bought the game to support us. Although the game is removed, you can still play normally. Wait for the chance to see you later.

Steam Announcement – March 16, 2023

Dear Nostalgia

ExoDark Studios

Hello guys! I will be taking down the game very soon. The reason is that I don’t find it to even begin to reach the entertainment or quality standards I want for my future games, so I’m going clean slate. I am working on something better, I hope, and can’t wait to publish something that I’m proud of. I thank you for the support and constructive feedback so far, I really appreciate it.

Steam Announcement – March 16, 2023

Hinterhalt (1,2,3), Linear Chicken, Think to Die (1,2,3)


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the discontinuation of our game on Steam. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to make the difficult decision to retire the game permanently. We want to express our gratitude to our players who have supported us over the years and we wish you all the best on your gaming adventures. Thank you for your understanding.

Steam Announcement – March 17, 2023