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Mad Max losing online functionality October 31st

Mad Max losing online functionality October 31st

Store pages for 2015’s Mad Max on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam were recently updated stating simply that “Online functionality will be retired on October 31, 2020”. This left players speculating and scrambling to determine what features might be impacted.

Fortunately the game isn’t being delisted (yet) but at least one of Mad Max’s achievements is going to be very-hard-to-potentially-impossible to unlock after the 31st. The ‘Up to the Task’ trophy first requires players to make it to a certain point in the game and then requires two challenges to be completed that rely on a server connection. You can complete those challenges now and finish the rest of the tasks later but there’s only about a month left to clear those two specific objectives.

According to one Steam forum post the version of the game on Origin is already lacking the online connection, so if you’re about to buy the game on PC and you demand 100% completion, maybe look to Steam for this one. I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar for now. Thanks to NeelBell for pointing out the news.