Lost Sunday and the Lost Sunday Comics viewer leaving Steam soon [UPDATE: It’s gone]

Lost Sunday and the Lost Sunday Comics viewer leaving Steam soon [UPDATE: It’s gone]

[UPDATE 02/06/23] Unfortunately it looks like the game was removed today after the developer requested the delisting before requesting the half-price sale. Our original post from February 5th follows:

Developer and publisher Pronoia launched Lost Sunday Comics on Steam last March as a “hopeful experiment” designed to add more game-like interactivity and whimsy to a comic book viewer. While plans were to add many books to the title over time, Lost Sunday Comics launched in Early Access to validate the concept with just a single book also titled The Lost Sunday created by artist Ileana Surducan. Surducan was also tapped to complete a second book titled Treasures, Thoughts and Trinkets but it appears that it was never added to Lost Sunday Comics. A Kickstarter campaign for a print version of the book also failed its funding goal last summer. Pronoia then posted the news about the game being removed from Steam on February 5th:

We are currently in the process of removing Lost Sunday Comics from Steam. The reason is that we no longer have the rights to display The Lost Sunday and Treasures, Thoughts and Trinkets. Both works can, however, still be enjoyed via the author channels.

Steam Announcement – February 5th, 2023

Pronoia followed up on the announcement stating they did not know exactly when the game would be removed from sale and that they had just requested a 50% off sale. So hopefully you can still catch this interesting non-game before it’s gone for good.

Thanks again to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news on this one.