Long-running MMO, Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu, is shutting down

Long-running MMO, Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu, is shutting down

NDOORS’ long-running MMORPG, Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu, is shutting down but the current team running the game at publisher VALOFE has yet to say exactly when. The game first debuted all the way back in 2005 across South Korea and Asia, launched in English in 2007, and came to Steam just a year ago. In their Service Termination announcement posted on April 23rd, VALOFE thanks the players and community for supporting the game over all the years but doesn’t actually say when the service will be terminated.

Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu on VFUN has been in service for a long time. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has been on this journey, created special memories together with us, moved Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu on VFUN forward and created a lot of unforgettable stories as well as made Luminary Global become one of the most popular game.

We really cannot fully express the extend of our gratitude to you, our friends and supporters – the real heroes of Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu. We have gone through good times, and bad, and through them all you have stood with us giving all your wonderful support. Without all of you, there would never have been the Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu community.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.


Luminary Global Team.

Service Termination Announcement – April 23, 2023

A Farewell Event was announced separately on the same day and will start on April 26th. There isn’t an end date for the event but it includes hourly drops, increased experience rates, a repeatable time trial battle, and a one-on-one PvP event against the developers. Despite the news in-game purchases are also still available so it seems like the actual end of the service may be a few weeks off at least.

For anyone interested in the tail end of the game’s near twenty year run you can jump into Luminary on PC for free from the game’s homepage or on Steam. Thanks to Serrated-banner9 for submitting the news.