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Kobitodzukan: Kobito no Fushigi – Jikken Set

Kobitodzukan: Kobito no Fushigi – Jikken Set

Digital ReleaseNintendo 3DS
December 12, 2013 (JP)
DelistingSeptember 25, 2019
DeveloperNippon Columbia
PublisherNippon Columbia
Available OnRetail
Nintendo 3DS (JP) page


Kobito Game Taizen and Kobitodzukan: Kobito no Fushigi – Jikken Set were both delisted from the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan on September 25th, 2019. The games were most likely delisted after the end of licensing arrangements between publisher Nippon Columbia and Kobito creator, Toshitaka Nabata. Kobito Game Taizen and Jikken Set are both available physically along with Kobitodzukan: Kobito Kansatsu Set which was never released digitally.

About the Game

“Kobitozukan” series The second installment has been greatly enhanced and is finally here!

Search for the mysterious creature Kobito, which is neither an insect nor a plant, in a field rich in nature, experiment and observe unique ecology, and Kobito. Let’s enjoy a mini-game that makes use of the habits of!

■ Let’s find Kobito in the wilderness !
Run around in the “idle village” surrounded by the wilderness and enjoy searching for Kobito.

You can search for Kobito on the beach, in the river, or in your house, which was not in the previous work!

■ Mini-game using Kobito’s habits!
Play a rhythm game with Kobito who likes music, and repel ferocious Kobito with alcohol spray. to like, enjoy the game using the habits of Dwarf us!

■ Dwarf of ecology are examined in the experiment!
can experiment using a special habit of dwarf! to dwarf that can change the drank water in the “sake” , the favorite dwarf that the crack happens? the rice crackers in the ass and give the orange juice, such as? to do and give a bun, let’s various experiments!

■ bonus corner also enhance!
to copy photos Dwarf You can also enjoy the “Kobito Photo Studio” where you can create your own photos with the stamps and frames, and the “Narikiri Kobito Game” where you can take pictures of yourself, your family, and friends and paste them on Kobito!

– Google Translation

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