Infantry Online

Infantry Online

Digital Release:Online
December 07, 2000
Delisting:March 29, 2012
Publisher:Sony Online Entertainment
Available On:PC (See Below)
Links:Infantry homepage [Archive]
Station Pass page [Archive]


Infantry Online was shut down on March 29th, 2012. The team announced the shutdown of this and several SOE titles one month earlier:

It’s Time to Bid a Fond Farewell

It is with a heavy heart that we announce today the imminent sunsetting of four of our long-standing game services on March 29, 2012, including Cosmic Rift®, Infantry®, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga and EverQuest® Online Adventures. Each of these games shares a special place in both ours and our players’ hearts. This is not an easy decision, but there comes a time when it’s best for our developers to move on to the next adventure, and that day has come.

As a reward to the players of EverQuest® Online Adventures, we will be giving you 3 months of Gold Membership in both EverQuest® and EverQuest® II. We greatly appreciate all of you and hope that you choose to join us in another version of the Norrath that we all love. These gold memberships will be available starting on Friday, March 16, 2012.

We would like to thank our players for their loyalty and for sharing the good times on these games. It’s been a blast. And we hope to keep gaming with all of you in our other great games here at SOE. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of MMO gaming together!

The SOE team

Even before being shut down, the Infantry community was collecting and creating content for the game outside of its official site and servers. After the shut down the game was re-launched by the community at and is still available to play today.

About the Game

Team with gamers from around the world in this adrenaline-pumping collection of online combat games. It’s all-out frenetic action in the world of Infantry where battles featuring up to 100+ wage throughout the day. Easy to play and simple to get into, Infantry offers a quick blend of tactics and action unlike any other massively multiplayer online game. 

Best of all, when you create a Station Account with Sony Online Entertainment, you can access portions of Infantry without paying a subscription fee by downloading the Station LaunchPad. No credit card needed! Enlist now, soldier!

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