Ikki Online

Ikki Online

Digital ReleasePlayStation 3
June 29, 2010 (JP)
DelistingNovember 28, 2022
Available OnNone
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Sunsoft announced on October 28th, 2022 that Ikki Online would be removed from sale on PlayStation 3 in Japan on November 28th. The game’s “souvenir” content like wallpapers and screensavers was also removed on the same day. The game and any offline content remains available to anyone who purchased the game before November 28th.

The announcement somewhat cryptically goes on to state that online play would only last as long as Sony supports online features for PlayStation 3. As of this writing Sony had yet to set a date for the end of service but Sunsoft apparently wanted to get out ahead of things with the reminder. The team’s Google Translated announcement follows:

Thank you for using “Ikki Online”. “Ikki Online” will be discontinued at 11:00 on Monday, November 28, 2022.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who played the game. After the sale ends, customers who purchased the game will be able to play as before. However, online play will not be possible due to the end of PS3 service. Note that the end of PS3 service is undecided. Please check SONY’s announcement.

In addition, we will also stop distributing wallpapers and screensavers on the “Souvenir” page as sales end. Please download it before the end and take it home. There is only a short time left until the end, but we hope you will enjoy online play until the end.

Sunsoft Announcement, October 28, 2022

Although the twelve year old PlayStation 3 game doesn’t seem likely to have poached many players, Sunsoft does have a similar online-focused Ikki title in the works for 2023. Ikki Unite appears to expand on what Ikki Online was doing, itself an expansion of Sunsoft’s 1985 arcade and Famicom original, Ikki (aka Boomerang and Farmers Rebellion in Western territories). Sunsoft may have chosen to remove Ikki Online from sale ahead of Ikki Unite in order to free up resources behind the aging game.

About the Game

  • Collect all coins in the field. In the “Ikki Online” mode, you can steal the coin by defeating the opponent who has the coin.
  • Defeat the enemy earnestly. In “Ikki Online” mode, the first team to defeat the opponent team the specified number wins.
  • Let’s quickly reach the evil magistrate (goal) hidden in the back of the vertically long stage. In “Ikki Online” mode, you aim to become an evil magistrate while jamming each other’s teams.
  • Steal rice from the opposing team and bring it back to your team’s position. The rice bales are heavy, so the player carrying them will be slowed down. In the “Ikki Kare Online” mode, the key point is the division of roles between the person carrying the item and the person protecting it.
  • Let’s catch the rice ball that the hermit throws! If you take a lot of rice balls, the remaining lives will increase. In “Ikki Online” mode, up to 12 people will compete.
  • If you cooperate with your team in a battle in a space with limited visibility, your field of vision will expand.
  • Characters can also be enjoyed with unique pixel art and realistic 3D graphics.

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