Humans-vs-Werewolves royale, Don’t Even Think, shuts down in August

Humans-vs-Werewolves royale, Don’t Even Think, shuts down in August

Humans-vs-Werewolves royale, Don't Even Think, shuts down in August

Dark Horse Game Studio and Perfect World announced on May 14th that their free-to-play, asymmetrical, battle royale-like, Don’t Even Think, for PlayStation 4 will be shutting down on August 14th. The full announcement follows:

We have been indebted to your attention and support ever since the official launch of “Don’t Even Think” (DET). Due to the repercussions caused by the coronavirus and a multitude of reasons, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we have come to the unfortunate decision of announcing that we are ceasing operations for DET. Please accept our most sincere apologies for this outcome. Arrangements for our termination of operations will be gradual, and as follows:

Regarding North America, Japan:

05 June 2020: The game will be removed from store shelves. With goods removed as well, players will be unable to download the game or recharge D points.

14 Aug 2020 07:00 (GMT): Closure of game servers. Players will be unable to login to the game.

30 Sep 2020 07:00 (GMT): Official game website will be closed. Players will be unable to visit the website any longer.

30 Sep 2020 07:00 (GMT): Closure of Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. We will cease posting notices and be unable to respond to inquiries.

To express our heartfelt appreciation for all of you who have supported us through this entire journey, after removing the game and goods from store shelves we will be promoting special events from 15 May 2020 to 14 Aug 2020 (GMT), before shutting down servers.

We are ever-grateful for your loyal support to DET, and again, would like to offer our apologies for this decision. Thank you!

“DET” PS4 Ops Team

As of this writing, it is unclear what will happen to the European version of the game as it is not included in the timeline above and was released less than a month before the decision to shut the game down. It’s possible that scaling back to a single region will allow the game and studio to keep operating and ramp back if the global pandemic stabilizes over the summer.

However, Perfect World has launched and shut down dozens of games over the years and this could easily be just another of them. For now you can still give the game a shot for yourself on PlayStation 4 (EU, JP, US). I’ve added the dates to the Watch List calendar and I’ll get a game page ready to go up soon. Thanks to FallenRyan for pointing out the news!