Hammer Heads Deluxe

Hammer Heads Deluxe

Digital ReleaseSteam
August 30, 2006
DelistingDecember 12, 2019
Available OnDigital
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Hammer Heads Deluxe and Rocket Mania! Deluxe were both delisted on Steam on December 12th, 2019. No advanced warning or explanation has been given but an EA Community Manager did reply to a support forum post about the two games on August 30th, 2020. “I am not aware of any plans for those games to be re-released,” said EA_Darko. “I’m not even sure if EA still has the rights but I will pass your feedback on to the team”.

These delistings could be related to licensing from the original developers as many other titles from Electronic Arts and PopCap Games remain available on Steam. It is also possible that incompatibilities with newer hardware and a lack of resources to dedicate to support caused the delistings.

About the Game

Pesky yard gnomes are invading your lawn! The only way to stop them is with a swift hammer blow to the head. Bash gnomes as quickly as you can while keeping an eye out for special gnomes, prizes and power-ups! Earn gold coins and shop the shiny store for upgrades.

Thanks to Thomas Wayment for submitting this game to the site