Digital ReleasePlayStation 4
December 05, 2015

February 05, 2018
DelistingDecember 15, 2023 – Server Shutdown
DeveloperValkyrie Entertainment
Available OnAs GUNS UP! Mobile
iOS, Android
LinksGUNS UP! homepage
SteamDB page


Sony announced on October 14th, 2022 that one of its long-running free-to-play titles, Guns Up!, will be shutting down on April 14th, 2023. The brief message was posted to the game’s homepage and PlayStation Store page, on Steam, and on Twitter:

Multiplayer and all online features for GUNS UP! will be terminated and no longer available starting 4/14/23. As you have to be online to play this title, this game will not be playable starting 4/14/23. 50k gold will be gifted to all current accounts before the end of the month. Enjoy and thank you for the support!

Guns Up! Announcement – October 14, 2022

On April 13th, 2023, the game’s PlayStation Store page was quietly updated to change the server shutdown date to December 15, 2023. Later that day, the game’s website was updated with this message:

The #GU team is incredibly moved by your overwhelming support and heartwarming tales from your time with GUNSUP! It’s your passion that’s kept this running for so long. To show our appreciation, we’ve postponed the #GUNSUPgame decommission on PlayStation and Steam from 4/14/23 to 12/14/23. We hope you relish the extra time with GUNSUP! See you on the front lines!

The game was likely shut down due to dwindling player counts and micro-transactions sales over time. GUNS UP! Mobile, a spin-off of the main game available on iOS and Android, did not shut down alongside the other versions and is expected to remain in operation.

About the Game

GUNS UP! is a free-to-play side-scrolling strategy game that pits players against each other in a battle to destroy enemy bases to increase their own army’s strength. GUNS UP! combines the fun of enemy base invasion with tower–defense, for an experience like no other on the PS4™ system.
•Free-To-Play – Players on PS4 can download and play GUNS UP! for free. Players can use in-game experience or purchases from the store to unlock upgrades to: supplement their armies, customize their characters, and upgrade their bases.
•Find and Destroy Enemy Bases – While connected online, players can build their army to obliterate opponents’ bases to become to ultimate field commander
•Build And Defend Your Base – Set up and tweak your military stronghold to keep the enemy away from your base
•Leveling System – Upgrade bases and enhance your troops by unlocking perks. As you gain experience, your troops and armaments level up, improving players’ abilities to conquer more enemies