Fuser to be removed from sale on December 19th [UPDATED]

Fuser to be removed from sale on December 19th [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 12/17/22] Harmonix provided an update on Twitter addressing fan outcry after the initial news. While Fuser is still being removed from sale on December 19th it will remain playable into 2023. The game’s Diamond Shop has also been updated with a bundle that essentially unlocks all of the items players previously had to purchase.

We heard you about the Diamond Shop. We’ve created a new “Everything Must Go!” bundle that will unlock all Diamond Shop items for free. It’s available in the Diamond Shop now. Note that this bundle will no longer be accessible after December 19.

We are delaying our planned sunset of FUSER’s live services as we investigate an issue. The game and DLC will still be delisted from stores on 12/19 as previously announced. We’ll share an updated timeline in early 2023.

Our original post from December 4th continues below.

Harmoix announced on December 2nd that Fuser will be removed from sale and its live services disabled very soon, on December 19th.

We want to thank you for mixing with us. On December 19, we will be disabling FUSER’s live services and all sales of the game, as well as its DLC. Players who already own FUSER will still be able to play the Campaign and Quick Play with any DLC they have already acquired. Thank you again for your support and for all the amazing mixes over the years.

Fuser Announcement – December 02, 2022

While player counts have dwindled over the last two years and DLC releases have dried up, it’s the purchase of Harmonix by Epic Games that is most likely the cause behind this news. Fuser was originally published by NCSoft and not only would publishing rights have to be handed off to Epic, the licensing of the “200+ soundtrack and DLC songs” would likely come into play as well.

Until December 19th you can still pick up Fuser and its DLC on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For what it’s worth, Harmonix has not made any similar announcements yet regarding support of their other pre-Epic-purchase titles like Audica, Rock Band, Dance Central, or DropMix. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the news, I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later.