Full Pipe

Full Pipe

Digital Release:Steam
December 18, 2006
Delisting:November 24, 2014 - Steam
Developer:Pipe Studio
Publisher:1C Company (Steam)
Absolutist (iOS)
Icestone (Android)
Available On:Android
PC (European retail release)
Links:Full Pipe homepage
SteamDB page


Full Pipe was delisted from Steam on November 24th, 2014 for unknown reasons. Speculation has suggested it was caused by an issue between PipeStudio and publisher 1C but it may have simply been the end of a publishing deal that resulted in the game’s removal.

As early as September of 2015, the game was released on Android and iOS with the help of two other publishers. Physical copies for PC have also been released in Russia and across Europe.

About the Game

No one knows the name of the main character, thus let’s simply call him Dude. Having a good sleep was his first plan for Saturday, however an alarm clock set to 11:30 caught him napping. Hey, and where’s a slipper gone? Today just seems like it’s gonna be a rough day…

  • 50 unique characters – head-feet, single-eyed, ear-winged and long-necked, but still so cute and naive.
  • A wonderful and shocking video game for those who prefer mid-core games with a good deal of thought and humor.
  • A crazy underground universe full of pipes, hatches, secret passages and traps.
  • 6+ hours in this obscure world with hidden threats and moments of pure joy.
  • 38 gorgeous locations that create the atmosphere of the pipe maze.
  • 8 original arcade mini-games
  • Advanced hint system to help you get through the most tricky game twists.

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