Four more 3DS delistings announced for Japan, this time Sumikko Gurashi

Four more 3DS delistings announced for Japan, this time Sumikko Gurashi

We’re back with another message from the Japanese 3DS eShop about some more delistings. The notification apparently popped up around May 29th to let owners know that four Sumikko Gurashi titles will be removed from the eShop on Monday, May 31st at 10:00am JST. All four titles are exclusive to Japan and were released digitally and physically between 2014 and 2017 so there’s still a means to track them down after the end of the month. 

Since the remaining four Sumikko titles for the Switch are apparently not being delisted, it would seem that the publishing arrangements for these older 3DS releases have simply expired. Since 2010 Nippon Columbia has published several titles based on San-X and other licensed properties across DSi, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch in Japan. Some of these titles were previously delisted while newer ones remain available. So it doesn’t appear that their entire library is at risk of delisting — I initially feared the publisher was shutting down entirely — it’s just these four titles, for now.

Sumikko Gurashi – Koko, Doko Nandesu?
すみっコぐらし ここ、どこなんです?

Sumikko Gurashi – Koko ga Ochitsukun Desu
すみっコぐらし ここがおちつくんです

Sumikko Gurashi – Omise Hajimerun Desu
すみっコぐらし おみせはじめるんです

Sumikko Gurashi – Mura o Tsukurun Desu
すみっコぐらし むらをつくるんです

I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have pages up on the site soon for these titles and some older ones that this news has turned up (DSi Chara Pasha selfie apps, Kobito Game Taizen, and several Mamegoma titles confirmed delisted so far). Thanks again to Icyeult for pointing out the news to the site.