Fangs shutting down on Steam as work on “spiritual sequel” ramps up

Fangs shutting down on Steam as work on “spiritual sequel” ramps up

Fangs, Hidden Leaf Games’ MOBA title from 2022, will be shutting down as development moves over to its “spiritual sequel” in Project Soulforge. The team announced the news on Steam and on the game’s homepage on Tuesday but didn’t confirm exactly when Fangs will be switched off. As of Wednesday morning the free-to-play Early Access title was still available on Steam.

As of today, we’re going to officially sunset Fangs to focus on our next title, “Project Soulforge”, which will be a spiritual successor to Fangs. It’s difficult to share this news as our team has poured our hearts and soul into the success of Fangs but we didn’t feel like we could reach our goals with the challenges that we faced with the original version of Fangs.

We appreciate all the support the community has provided in the development and launch of Fangs, we made amazing memories with you as we got our studio’s first title out the door. We can’t thank you enough and the feedback and passion you provided tremendously helped with the development of Fangs.

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Finally, on behalf of the entire development team, we want to thank you for all the support, feedback and passionate discussion you have provided us over the years. We will continue building this new title with community feedback in mind and look forward to y’all joining our upcoming playtest.

-Bao and David

Steam Announcement – December 05, 2023

The accompanying blog post provides some more information on both Project Soulforge and how the team will be addressing players who had previously put money into Fangs. Thanks to m1n3c7afty for submitting the news to the site.