Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

Digital ReleaseNintendo 3DS
March 05, 2015 (JP)
April 07, 2015 (NA)
September 10, 2015 (EU)
September 17, 2015 (AU)


April - July 2020 (AU, NA)
September 30, 2020 (EU)

April 2021 (NA)

April - May 2021 (NA)
DeveloperSpike Chunsoft
PublisherAtlus (JP, NA)
NIS America (AU, EU)
Available OnDigital
Nintendo 3DS (JP)

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Relisting & Second Delisting

Etrian Mystery Dungeon reappeared on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America no later than April 29th, 2021 when it was submitted to the site. However, by May 18th, 2021 another reader noticed that the game had been removed from the 3DS eShop. Attempting to purchase it through returned the error “this content is currently unavailable”. It is unclear if the delisting was intentional or if the game may yet return to sale. The original delisting details follow.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon was delisted on Nintendo 3DS in Australia and North America some time between April 13th and July 12th, 2020. The game was confirmed to be available as late as April 13th when it was featured in an Atlus sale on the 3DS eShop. Atlus’ own webpage for the game was last confirmed to be accessible on June 3rd, after which the game was submitted to our site on July 12th.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon was likely delisted due to the end of a licensing deal between Atlus and Sega, who own and publish the Etrian Odyssey series, and Spike Chunsoft, creators of the Mystery Dungeon series. The game was next delisted in Europe between August and September of 2020. As of October 2020 the game remains available exclusively in Japan.

About the Game

Far off in the mountains, the small village Aslarga becomes a hub for adventurers looking for fame and fortune from the Mystery Dungeons. But dire challenges await even the most stalwart adventurers in Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a turn-based action RPG rogue like developed by ATLUS and Spike Chunsoft. 

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive mixes Etrian Odyssey’s vast RPG party and skill customization aspects, and Mystery Dungeon’s infinitely random dungeon adventures. There’s no hand-holding in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. The action/turn based combat means that battling monsters is not just about using the right skills, but becomes an elegant Pas de Quatre of strategic positioning. 

Players form their parties with familiar Etrian Odyssey classes, such as Landsknecht and Runemaster, customize individuals using Etrian-style skill trees, and then take up to four members into the dungeons. Always randomized with various levels and paths, the dungeons require plenty of exploration, not to mention the incredible loot rewards — just be wary of what waits among the deepest depths.

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