Emergency 5

Emergency 5

Digital Release:Steam
November 28, 2014
Delisting:October 15, 2015
Developer:Sixteen Tons Entertainment
Publisher:Deep Silver
Available On:Retail (EU)
Links:Sixteen Tons homepage
SteamDB page


Sixteen Tons Entertainment’s rescue-based titles have been delisted from Steam as publishing deals have ended. In some cases Sixteen Tons has taken over as the publisher and may eventually bring this title back to the market as well. See the table above for details and availability.

About the Game

In the course of the comprehensive EMERGENCY 5 campaign, smaller accidents alternate with large events and provide many hours of exciting fun. A cooperative game mode also allows up to four players at a time to solve special multiplayer events.

One of the highlights of EMERGENCY 5 is the newly developed editor. With the editor, players can create their own content (mods), which can then be integrated into the game. For the first time it is even possible to work with other modders at the same time on the same project.

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