Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

Digital Release:Steam
October 14, 2014

Xbox 360, Xbox One
PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

October 14, 2014 (EU, US)
Delisting:November 13, 2017 - Steam
November 2017 - Console
Developer:Fun Labs
Available On:Digital:
Steam (Download Code)

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
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Duck Dynasty was delisted from Steam on November 13, 2017. It was likely delisted around this time on PlayStation and Xbox platforms: on Xbox 360 specifically it was last confirmed available on October 30th and removed from sale by November 9th, 2017. The game was almost certainly delisted due to expired licensing of the Duck Dynasty property from A&E and Duck Commander goods.

About the Game

Take on the role of Willie’s son John Luke as he learns how to become one of the Robertson Duckmen! Interact with Willie, Uncle Si, Jase and the rest of the family from the hit TV show. Go duck hunting, varmint shooting, off-roading and play office pranks in the Robertson’s hometown of West Monroe, LA. Will you learn the way of the beards?

  • Call in ducks to your blind using a variety of calls and then fire away.
  • Hunt Louisiana wildlife including squirrels, frogs and fish for Miss Kay to cook her famous dishes.
  • Join Jase in duck call room antics as you sneak around the warehouse to trick Willie.
  • Race against Willie in an airboat as you drive across the Robertson family swampland.
  • Uncover Uncle Si’s bizarre “treasures” with a metal detector. 
  • Track down pesky beavers with Phil to stop their damns from ruining the duck ponds.
  • Play through 3 game modes including the main story, duck shooting galleries and airboat racing.

For a limited time only: Redeem the unlock code inside to play the Redneck Logic Uncle Si Quiz Game. Prove how well you know Si to win an in-game reward!

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