Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child

Digital ReleasePC
April 16, 2009 - Online
August 12, 2009 - Steam
DelistingJanuary 02, 2017 - Steam
DeveloperKat Games
Available OnNone (See Below)
LinksSteamDB page
Big Fish Games page [Archive]


Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child (also known as Dream Chronicles 3) was delisted on Steam on January 2nd of 2017. The game was also available on various online games portals as well as on iOS but these versions have also been removed. The cause for the delisting is uncertain as several titles both developed and published by PlayFirst remain available as of this writing. It is possible that some licensing specific to Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child expired or the game had performance issues on modern hardware that could not be addressed. Searching online returns many sites offering the game but none of these appear to be official releases by PlayFirst.

About the Game

Help Faye save her memories and family from the Fairy Queen of Dreams! Travel across multiple worlds full of magic and intrigue as you attempt to find Faye`s husband and daughter! Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child is an exciting Hidden Object Adventure game full of suspense and fun. Can you interpret the mysterious dreams that Faye has been having and figure out where her daughter fits in this tale?