Diablo III (Various Releases) *

Diablo III (Various Releases) *

Digital ReleaseDigital release dates and platforms
DelistingExact or Approximate date of delisting
Available OnAnywhere the game may still be available, digital or retail
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Blizzard delisted the base game version, which was released for PS3 and Xbox 360. Blizzard delisted it for PS Store and Microsoft Store in favor of the re-release Ultimate Evil Edition, which has the Reaper of Souls expansion plus some major gameplay upgrades. The way to the base game version is on disc

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Notes from Delisted Games
Activision has released and replaced several versions of Diablo III on consoles. There is the original release as well as separate entries across multiple platforms for ‘Ultimate Evil Edition’, ‘Reaper of Souls’, and the ‘Eternal Collection’, each containing different versions of the game and content.