Digital Release:Steam
February 19, 2019
Delisting:February 25, 2019
Developer:Red Candle Games
Publisher:Red Candle Games
Available On:None
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Devotion was delisted from Steam on February 25th, 2019. The game’s removal was allegedly caused by a jab at China’s president, Xi Jinping. The artwork at the center of the controversy was a poster that could be found in-game depicting the president as “Xi Jinping Winnie-the-Pooh moron”, according to translations. Jinping is reportedly averse to comparisons to the dopey bear, going as far as banning Disney’s film Christopher Robin from release in China and establishing a social media crackdown on similar likenesses.

When Devotion was still available on Steam, Red Candle Games first responded by saying that the artwork was a placeholder asset mistakenly left in the game but later admitted that one of their artists created and placed it. In the next follow-up, Red Candle Games explained their situation further and asked that critics not attack their development and publishing partners. In their final update in February, the studio said that the game was removed from Steam for bug fixes and to “ease the heightened pressure” from the community who had been review bombing the game since the artwork was first discovered. The full post reads:

“Due to technical issues that cause unexpected crashes and among other reasons, we are pulling <Devotion> off from steam store to have another complete QA check. At the same time we’d like to take this opportunity to ease the heightened pressure in our community resulted from our previous Art Material Incident, our team would also review our game material once again making sure no other unintended materials was inserted in. Hopefully this would help all audience to focus on the game itself again upon its return.”

On July 3rd, 2019 Polygon reported on news that Devotion’s original Chinese publisher, Indievent, had had their business license suspended in the country despite distancing themselves from Red Candle Games soon after the controversy started. Red Candle Games had made no new posts on social media since the delisting until July 15th. The studio broke their silence, posting an image to Twitter of a letter containing an explanation to fans and followers. On the possibility of returning the game to sale, Red Candle stated:

“While mediation is still in progress, Red Candle’s co-founders have reached a unanimous decision to not re-release ‘Devotion’ in the near term. […] If, in the future, the public would be willing to view this game rationally and allow us the opportunity to rebuild trust with our players, Red Candle would reconsider re-releasing ‘Devotion’.”

About the Game

From the creators of the IndieCade Journey Award winner Detention, Red Candle Games brings you a story Inspired by East Asian folk culture. Devotion is a first-person atmospheric horror game depicting the life of a family shadowed by religious belief. Explore as a 1980s Taiwan apartment-complex lost in time gradually shift into a hellish nightmare. Delve into the vows each member of the family has made, and witness their devotion.

You step into your apartment, 80s music drifts through the air, an idol show plays on the television; a nostalgic setting surely, but what is this feeling of unease? You question this place you used to call “home,” noticing as it distorts with every shift of your eyes, anxious as your surroundings skirt the precipice of the extraordinary. As you push through each memory, uncovering the layers of each mystery, you may find buried in this home, the unsettling truth of those who lived here. Remember what you prayed for…

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