Delisted in February, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is still playable on Facebook until year’s end

Delisted in February, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is still playable on Facebook until year’s end

The mobile-focused, turn-based, minifig collect-a-thon, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, launched in February of 2020 on Android, iOS, and on PC via the Microsoft Store. With LEGO licensing to maintain and a presumably underwhelming amount of in-game purchases, Gameloft announced back at the end of January that the game would be removed from (almost) all storefronts on February 28th.

Unfortunately, and it was a difficult decision to make, we have decided to retire the game on Google Play, AppStore, Windows, Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon Appstore and Huawei App Gallery. On February 28, 2023 the game will be removed from the stores. ☝The game will continue to be maintained on Facebook Cloud Gaming until the end of this year.

✨You can check the availability of Facebook Cloud Gaming in your region here: If Facebook Cloud Gaming is available in your region you can continue playing there, your progress will be transferred if you use the same Facebook account. 

This may be sad news for a lot of you, but we want to ensure a smooth transition for everyone who is such a big fan of adventures in Piptown as we are and transfer your progress into Facebook Cloud Gaming version.  

We’d like to thank every single person that took the time to play our game and helped us along the way with feedback and suggestions.💛💚 Thank you for being the most amazing community; we could not be more grateful — and we definitely not saying goodbye: see you all in Facebook Cloud! 😉

Facebook Announcement – January 28, 2023

Since then LEGO Legacy has remained available exclusively on the streaming Facebook Gaming platform, and for a time players were able to transfer their progress over from mobile or PC. The game has seen new monthly events since the transition and was previously confirmed to remain available on Facebook “until the end of this year”.

So, anyone intrigued by the streaming offerings of Facebook Gaming or the LEGO themed title can still jump in for a time and have a look. Since it’s turn-based, any potential lag didn’t really stand out to me but I did have problems coming back to the game after a break. My progress was wiped out three times and I gave up after finishing the tutorial.

I’ve added and end-of-December date to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later. Thanks to the anonymous reader who submitted the game to the site.