Daigassou! Band Brothers P

Daigassou! Band Brothers P

Digital ReleaseNintendo 3DS
November 14, 2013 (JP)
DelistingDecember 20, 2019 - End of Sale
May 01, 2020 - Service Shutdown
Available OnDigital

Nintendo 3DS (JP)
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Nintendo Japan Support announced on October 31st, 2019 that Daigassou! Band Brothers P would be removed from sale on December 20th, 2019 and its online services shut down May 1st, 2020. The announcement and shutdown details (via Google Translation) follows:

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products. Nintendo 3DS software released on November 14, 2013 “Regarding ” Great Ensemble! Band Brothers P “, we have decided to terminate the network service as follows.

– Sale of in-game currency “Tomato” / sale of download version end
Friday, December 20, 2019 16:00 

– Network service end
Friday, May 1, 2020 0:00

Content that will be discontinued on December 20, 2019 (Friday) at 16:00:

In-game currency “Sale of ” tomatoes “
“Great Ensemble! Band Brothers P (Download Version) “
“Great ensemble! Band Brothers P debut ”

*You can continue to use the purchased “tomatoes” until the end of the network service.
*You can re-download “Great Ensemble! Band Brothers P (Download Version)” and “Great Ensemble! Band Brothers P Debut” even after the network service ends.

In-game features / services that will no longer be available as of May 1, 2020 (Friday) 0:00:

– “Posting original songs” in “Posting sheet music”
– Download music at “Music Shop”
– Download various contents at “Radio Shop”
– Watching online programs on “Radio”
– “Ensemble with a distant person” using the Internet

*The “100 free tomato redemption code” enclosed in the package version can be used until the end of the network service, but the “free tomato” redeemed by this code will be available on May 1, 2020 regardless of the display during the game. It will not be available at 0:00 (Friday), so please exchange it for music as soon as possible.

Although the title can still be re-downloaded, only the 4 included songs are available. All subsequent song releases and DLC are no longer accessible unless they were previously downloaded.

About the Game

The latest work in the “Great Ensemble! Band Brothers” series, where you can enjoy playing, ensemble, composition and music. With the addition of a vocal part that allows you to operate your own Vocaloid ™, you can immerse yourself in the world of music. With an internet connection, you can download your favorite songs and even have sessions with people far away.

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