Digital Release:PlayStation 4
September 08, 2016 (JP)
September 25, 2018 (US)

Nintendo Switch
July 11, 2019 (JP)
Delisting:May 13, 2020 - PlayStation 4 (US)
Available On:PlayStation 4 (JP)
Nintendo Switch (JP) page


Cryptract was delisted on PlayStation 4 in North America on May 13th, 2020. A notice was provided to players in March of 2020 detailing the game’s end:

Cryptract will be ending service as of May 13, 2020. –Service cessation schedule is as follows March 13, 2020: Cease distribution of paid downloadable content (i.e., purchasable items no longer available for purchase) May 13. 2020: Service ceased, game no longer available for play

The delisting appears to be related to Lionsfilm’s standing as a publisher on the PlayStation platform in North America. Cryptract was Lionsfilm’s only Western release and the game remains available on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan as Shoujo to Dragon: Genjuu Keiyaku Cryptract.

About the Game

Cryptract is an easy-to-navigate, fully fledged online fantasy RPG. Users take on the role of Lords, ruling over a section of the imperial territory. By subjugating monsters (“Mystical Beasts”) that appear in various places, users can form contracts with them to strengthen their parties and fight together as allies. Find allies, help them grow, and form your own ultimate army!

Free-to-play (Some items require purchase). Take part in dramatic and exhilarating battles with the easy-to-use controls! Combine strengths with your allies in Union Battles (GvG) for intense Skill vs Skill fights! Experience the world aurally through character voices by a team of incredible Japanese voice actors!

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