Crowfall shuts down November 22nd for a redesign

Crowfall shuts down November 22nd for a redesign

Originally revealed back in 2015, Crowfall wouldn’t launch until July of 2021 but the team has already announced that the game will be going offline in order to “refocus our efforts from live operations to development”. The announcement was posted on November 7th, giving players two weeks to play and try out all of the in-game items for free.

Over the past few months, we’ve been evaluating the current state of Crowfall. One of the biggest challenges has been the sheer amount of development effort required to build new campaigns and keep the game running daily. In order to refocus our efforts from live operations to development, we have decided to take the Crowfall live service offline for the time being. 

On November 22, 2022, at 11 AM CST Crowfall will go dark, and the game servers will be unavailable. Until the service goes offline, take this time to try out all of the cool buildings, mounts, and emotes for free in the Crowfall store. 

We’re going to use this time to map out the future of the game. We have yet to determine what that looks like, but we are investing in and rethinking every part of the game – from the core technology and tools to art, design, and gameplay. Nothing is off the table.

We’ll share the plan with the community as it shapes up. 

Starting today, the following will go into effect:

Customer Service
– Customer service will be limited to account recovery assistance until the server goes dark,  Rules of Conduct, and Terms and Conditions violations

– Customer service will also be available for Zone and EK restarts

-Customer service will only be available from Monday to Friday during business hours ( 9 am CST to 5 PM CST 

Refunds will be automatically given for any purchases made 90 days before today

All players with accounts in good standing will receive a  new “free VIP.” Much like our typical VIP, this new VIP removes the Crowns and monthly rewards but provides you with all the typical VIP goodies. 

Other services that we once offered will be unavailable starting today. Some of these are listed below:

– Buddy Recruits
– Refer a friend
– Downloading the game

We want to thank Crowfall players for their support, feedback, and patience since Monumental purchased the game. 

Crowfall Announcement – November 7, 2022

Here’s hoping that Crowfall is eventually relisted and launches with more content in the future. Thanks to Jojoman32 for submitting the news to the site. I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up later.