Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator

Digital ReleaseSteam
March 12, 2014
DelistingSeptember 01, 2022
DeveloperDolphin Barn
PublisherDolphin Barn
Available OnNone
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Valve removed Domina, Corporate Lifestyle Simulator, their DLC and soundtracks from Steam on September 1st over continued misuse of the platform’s tools by developer Nicholas “Bignic” Gorissen. One of the latest infractions leading up to the delistings was a now-deleted news post and patch update for Domina that contained several transphobic comments. The update was seemingly in response to James Stephanie Sterling’s examination of Gorissen as the “most unlikeable developer” on Steam. Arstechnica and MMOFallout both provided good recaps of events relating to Gorissen at the time.

About the Game

An isometric orgy of big smashy pixelart and big smashy chiptunes. Battle your way through corporate architecture and brain dead, buzzword-spewing, middle managers using office supplies as weapons to work through your Jungian shadow issues…

Fight back against the forces of tyranny and liberate your fellow coworkers from the oppressive evil that dominates them…Smash ALL THE THINGS!