Conan Outcasts leaves PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 31st, return uncertain

Conan Outcasts leaves PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 31st, return uncertain

Spike Chunsoft announced late last week that their Japanese release of Conan Outcasts and its DLC will be removed from sale on PlayStation 4 in the region on March 31st. Conan Outcasts is the Japanese title of Funcom’s 2018 MMO Survival game, Conan Exiles. Funcom will take over maintaining the Japanese version of the game for existing players beginning April 1st but it’s uncertain if it may return to sale after that. Spike’s announcement via Google Translate follows:

Due to the expiration of the contract with Funcom, the developer of the PlayStation®4 software “Conan Outcast”, we will stop selling the main game and DLC on March 31, 2022.

From April 1, 2022, Funcom will take over server management, patching, user support, digital edition and DLC sales.

We do not cause any inconvenience to existing players, but we may not be able to make new purchases for a certain period after April 1st. In that case, we will try to resell it as soon as possible. For future inquiries and the latest information, please check the official Twitter account and official website operated by Funcom.

CONAN EXILES official account (English)

CONAN EXILES developer site

Spike Chunsoft announcement

To be clear, this only affects the game in Japan. Funcom recently announced plans to increase the live team behind the game to support it “for the long run”. It may even enable them to take over publishing the game in Japan themselves if the deal with Spike isn’t renewed. For now I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will try to keep an eye on it over the coming months. Thanks to Wakayama_PT for pointing out the news.