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The Knights of Valour Soundtrack is now online

As one of the very few free-to-play games that I enjoyed, I spent quite a bit of time with Knights of Valour leading up to its July 6th sunsetting. One of the things I liked best about the game was its soundtrack, a raucous mix of traditional stylings with thumping beats and Dynasty Warriors-esque butt rock. There are loads of videos on YouTube of high level play in the game but I didn’t see any that highlighted the music, so I set out on an urgent quest.

Unfortunately, I never did the grind to reach the level cap so I wasn’t able to tackle the game’s final chapter or get far into its wave-based Expedition mode. But I did capture the majority of its soundtrack, nearly two hours in fact, and you can have a listen with a pair of videos I just completed.

Part 1 features tracks 1 – 21 and covers the main themes from the game including the Intro Video, Title Theme, and all of the Stage Themes up to the final chapter. Part 2 contains tracks 22 – 40 including the rockin’ Boss Battle themes, some of the special events, Expedition Mode, and the fantastic Vampire Rabbit theme.

You can watch and listen above or check out the playlist on the game’s page to see our hands-on coverage followed by the soundtrack presentation. I hope this helps fans of the game cope with the loss, it was personally very saddening to load the game up on July 6th and not even make it to the title screen.

Credit and thanks to Chih-Ming Liao & Andrew Parsons Lin for Music & Effects.