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Studio closure puts AER on the Watch List

Thanks go to for this tip on a potential upcoming delisting for AER Memories of Old. The small indie team at Forgotten Key announced the sad news in January that the studio would be shutting down. In a post on Medium from January 15th, Forgotten Key’s Robin Hjelte explained some of what led to the decision.

“The last few years for us was much about finalizing and releasing AER Memories of Old, including porting and patching. That time was also about finding the next project, to fit in with how the market moves and try to find ways to sustain a growing studio. This is something we ultimately failed to do in a sustainable way even though our efforts bore fruit for a while.”

Although Forgotten Key has promised to keep AER available “on every released platform indefinitely”, it’s not hard to imagine it being delisted sooner rather than later: There is no formal studio to maintain the game, and the publishing deal with Daedalic Entertainment likely lasts for 3-7 years at most. Given AER’s 2017 release date, we’re nearly two years closer to a delisting already.

It’ll be a title to keep an eye on over the coming years but for now the colorful and flighty adventure game remains available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, and