Just three months old, Disintegration is already losing its multiplayer modes [UPDATE: V1 Shutting Down]

[UPDATE 03/09/21] V1 Interactive announced on March 8th that the studio behind Disintegration will be closing soon.  We are sad to inform you that V1 Interactive is officially closing. We want to thank all the talented people at V1, both past and present, who helped make the last 5 years wonderful. And a heartfelt thanks

MMOs Eden Eternal, Twin Saga, Defiance and ‘2050’ shut down April 29th [UPDATED: More Games]

[UPDATE 02/27/21] Gamigo has more game closures that I missed, thanks again Wakayama_PT! S4 League and WAR2 Glory announcements have been added below. Gamigo Group announced the upcoming closure of four MMOs across their Aeria Games and Trion Worlds subsidiaries, as well as multiplayer shooter S4 League and the browser-based WAR2 Glory on February 24th.

Devil Engine delisted on Steam amid legal dispute among its creators [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 02/24/21] Devil Engine and its soundtrack are back on Steam. Protoculture Games LLC announced the game’s return on February 22nd. The Baileys (operating the alternate @Protocultgames account) have yet to respond, but since the game appears to have returned unchanged, I can only assume at this point that all parties have settled their differences. Thanks

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