Digital Release:Xbox One
August 21, 2015 (EU, US)
Delisting (approx):January 2018
Developer:FennecFox Entertainment
Publisher:FennecFox Entertainment
Available On:None
Links:Major announcement
FennecFox YouTube channel page [Archive]


Clash was delisted from Xbox One in January of 2018 according to reporting from The small team at FennecFox Entertainment have made no announcement about the game after its release and their Twitter account has since been deleted.


About the Game

Clash is a fast paced four player fantasy arena fighter. The main focus of the game is to defeat your friends in a couch gaming manner. Each player has 2 combat options: A magical shield block and a dash attack. There are different game modes that have different objectives for players to compete against each other. Spice things up with the adjustable gravity, attack length, score amount and a ton more adjustables!


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