Capsella: The Lights of Lucern leaves Steam soon

Capsella: The Lights of Lucern leaves Steam soon

Developer Bravery Software announced earlier today that Capsella: The Lights of Lucern will be leaving the Steam store soon. The self-funded project run by just three developers was aiming to add online multiplayer in the future along with a major graphical update. Though unconfirmed so far, the existing title should remain accessible to anyone who owns it before it’s removed from Steam.

After more than 4 years of trials, we decided to end the development of this game. We are sorry to announce that the game will be cancelled due to financial problems and difficulties, we tried our best to complete it but the challenges we faced were out of our reach.

For you that want to keep in contact with us, please join our discord: For anyone that has purchased the game, please get in our Discord and send us a message with the receipt, in the future when we are able to launch a new game you will receive all of them for free.

I would like to thank you all for the support, and hope to bring something new that will be fun and exciting for you all to play together with your friends.

Steam Announcement – March 08, 2023