Burnout Crash!

Burnout Crash!

Digital Release:PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
September 21, 2011 (AU, EU, US)
Delisting:January to March 2020 - PlayStation 3 (AU, EU)
Developer:Criterion Games
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Available On:Xbox 360 (AU, EU, US)
PlayStation 3 (US)
Links:PlayStation Store page (AU, EU)


Burnout Crash! was delisted across Europe and Australia on the PlayStation 3. Timing is uncertain but the game was submitted to the site in March of 2020. Peculiarly, it appears that the publisher of these delisted versions was changed from Electronic Arts to “EA Swiss Sarl” at some point. Research has found EA Swiss Sarl be a payment processing division of the company as a whole.

As of this writing the game remains available in all other territories on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 alike. The reason behind the territorial delisting is uncertain.

About the Game

Criterion Games brings back the much loved Crash Mode in the latest instalment of the multi award winning Burnout franchise! Go on the wildest Road Trip of your life; causing huge pile-ups, blowing up buildings and unleashing disastrous Super Features!

  • Play 3 all new game modes, across 6 themed areas
  • Stop traffic escaping and trigger crazy special features in Road Trip!
  • Go wild against the clock in Rush Hour!
  •  Practise your precision crashing skills in Pile-Up!

Use Autolog to compete with your friends high scores and Challenge your friends to one-on-one battles with all new Autolog Challenges.

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