Bounty Game

Bounty Game

Digital ReleaseSteam
April 28, 2022 (Early Access)
December 23, 2022
DelistingJanuary 04, 2023
PublisherTurbog entertainment
Available OnNone
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Survivance announced on January 4th, 2023 that Bounty Game would be removed from Steam and its servers shut down later that same day. The surprise announcement came just months after the game transitioned to a free-to-play model in early November of 2022.

Thank all the contestants for their love for the Bounty Game and their support for our game. I’m sorry to tell you that since the game has not generated enough revenue since it was launched, and there is no profit after it is free, our studio can’t afford the staff expenses and high server costs, so we can’t keep the studio developing. We had no choice but to close the server of Bounty Game and disband the studio. At that time, players will not be able to log in and play online games.

We will close the game server at 16:30 on January 4, 2023, and stop the operation of our game. At the same time, the official player exchange group will also be closed to all members. Thank you for your continuous support for our studio, and we are deeply sorry

Steam Announcement – January 04, 2023

Despite some impressive spikes in player counts, Bounty Game regularly saw less than ten active daily players and likely could not fill up its 50-player lobbies for paid owners. However, after transitioning to free-to-play it appears that the game lacked any means of generating income as it did not yet have an in-game store for purchases.

About the Game

Do you have a dream of getting rich overnight? Then come and realize this dream in “Bounty Game”! !
Selected by the mysterious force, you will compete with challengers from all over the world to win rich game prizes in the “Bounty Game” competition! The final winner of this game of death will receive wealth, glory, power, and everything you can think of.

Up to 50 people compete on the same stage, but there is only one winner in the end!
50 contestants from all over the world compete on the same stage, the classic childhood game Hidden Crisis. You have only one goal, remove all obstacles to get the only final prize.

Random level mode makes every game feel fresh
After entering the game, you will face consecutive challenges of random levels, and each round will be randomly selected from several fixed levels. Victory cannot be duplicated, defeat cannot be repeated, and every opening is a new experience.

Thrilling interactive PK, never trust the people around you
In the game, each player can choose an exclusive equipment before entering the level: baseball, fork, glove. Grab your gear and effectively eliminate your rivals.

Win big prizes and reach the top of the game
Use bonuses to open treasure chests, and you will be able to start with cool and sexy fashions. When you re-enter the arena, you are the most beautiful bounty king in the game.

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