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October 06, 2018
DelistingDecember 2018
DeveloperBS STUDIO
PublisherBS STUDIO
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BOLSOMITO was delisted from Steam no earlier than December 21st, 2018 when the below announcement was posted to the game’s store page. Translated from Portugese, the Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal e dos Territórios granted an injunction against the developers, BS STUDIOS, due to the game’s similarities to Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro.

TJ/DF [Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal e dos Territórios] grants injunction for the game “Bolsomito” to have its sales suspended

Judge Álvaro Ciarlinim, from TJ/DF, granted an injunction to determine that the game “Bolsomito 2k18” has its sales immediately suspended. For the magistrate, the content of the game promotes disvalues such as racial discrimination, oppression, prejudice and violence.

In the game, the character “Bolsomito” – in allusion to presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro – earns points by killing feminists, homosexuals, blacks and members of landless movements. The MP/DF then opened a public civil inquiry to investigate the startup that developed the aforementioned game.

The parquet considered that the game violates the personality rights of the elected President of the Republic, as well as women, people of African descent, LGBT’s, members of social movements, parliamentarians and all Brazilians, in a reflexive way.

When analyzing the case, the magistrate understood that the request deserved acceptance. For him, the fundamental right to free expression of thought, guaranteed by the FC, does not cover hate speech or conduct that conforms to the types prescribed by the law that defines crimes of racial or color prejudice.

“It appears that the content manifested, in an express and impactful way by the electronic game in question, promotes disvalues such as racial discrimination, as well as oppression, prejudice and violence, including the practice of homicide and intolerance. These disvalues converge for the affirmation of political and legal inequality.”

The judge also added that it is the inalienable attribution of the Judiciary to protect the universal guarantee and to act assertively to equalize the situations of inequality originated by the historical processes of discrimination.

Thus, he granted the injunction to determine that the company immediately suspend the availability and sale of the game Bolsomito 2k18.

Process: 0722305-38.2018.8.07.0000

Steam Announcement – December 21, 2018

About the Game

Bolsomito is indie, pixel art, Beat’em Up game and tells the story of a man who is tired of living in a society corrupted by an ideological enemy that intends to perpetuate itself in power through a communist revolution. 

The game is inspired by the current Brazilian political climate and has as a protagonist a good willing citizen who has had enough of the growing corruption and inversion of values that plages his society.

His primary objective is to get rid of the leaders of the Red Army, which are responsible for alienating and indoctrinating a large part of the nation in order to convince them to defend and fight for their horrendous causes. Nevertheless, to reach the heads of the organization, Bolsomito will have to face many different groups whose mission once was to protect the people, but now are nothing more than puppets controlled by the Red Army.  

Unlike the great classic beat’em ups, Bolsomito will be an all out brawl with lots of satire and unique mechanics that make the game a one of a kind.

Developed with pixel art, Bolsomito will present lots of unique Brazilian scenery and a plethora of vehicles and national references that go from opponents to sympathizers of the anti-communist struggle.

Thanks to Wakayama_PT for submitting this game to the site