Blokus World Tour

Blokus World Tour

Digital ReleasePC
December 13, 2007 - Online
Delisting2011 - 2012
Available OnDigital

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Blokus World Tour was removed from the Funkitron games portal some time after May 27th, 2011. The game’s homepage at went offline some time between February 8th, 2011 and December 3rd, 2012 based on captures. The cause for the delisting is likely due to expired licensing of the Blokus property from Mattel and/or Sekkoia.

About the Game

Are you ready for the ultimate Blokus challenge?

Blokus World Tour takes the best selling board game into a whole new world:

* 16 Computer Players to Beat
* 10 Tournaments to Win
* 21 Gold Bloks to Collect
* 8 Challenges to Conquer

Blokus World Tour is packed with fun!

System Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 500MHz processor 64 MB RAM Sound Card SVGA Graphics Card