Bethesda Launcher shutting down in May, migration to Steam begins in April

Bethesda Launcher shutting down in May, migration to Steam begins in April

Continuing the merger of Bethesda’s resources into the Microsoft collective, the studio announced on Tuesday that the Launcher and marketplace for PC will be shut down later this Spring. The surprising news goes on to confirm that any title previously purchased on the Bethesda Launcher can be transferred, for free, to a linked Steam account. 

The transfer process will begin in April and in most cases your in-game items, mods, and even save files will come over automatically. Bethesda did note that some save files will require manual steps to migrate and specified that only Wolfenstein: Youngblood saves are unable to be transferred at this point.

The next milestone in the process begins in May when games will become inaccessible through the Launcher. Downloads of the launcher and purchases of new games will presumably also be disabled at this point. For those wondering, no games are currently on a discounted sale through the Bethesda shop.

Bethesda’s full announcement and FAQ follows. Special mention is made of both Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, neither of which will be impacted in a major way with the transition away from the Launcher.

We’re saying goodbye to the Launcher this year. We would like to thank you for your support and assure you that all of your games are safe. If you’re not playing PC games through the launcher then your work is done here. Thanks for reading! If you do have games through the launcher, don’t worry. Starting in early April you’ll be able to migrate your games and Wallet to your Steam account. For more details on what this process will look like, read on.

You have plenty of time to plan and begin migrating your library to your Steam account. The migration to Steam will include your game library and Wallet – meaning you will not lose anything from your account. Many games will also have their saves migrated, with a few requiring some manual transfers. For games that require it, you will still use your login to sign in to play. Your account will not be lost and will still be accessible on our website and in-game, and we will continue supporting all accounts with our future titles.

In early April, you will be able to initiate the migration process following detailed instructions we will have available to you then.

We expect you to have a lot of questions and encourage you to take a look at our comprehensive FAQ below. For those of you looking for questions specific to Fallout 76, in addition to the below FAQ we also have a Fallout 76-specific FAQ on

Until May, you will still be able to access and play your games on the Launcher, but we suggest that you start the migration process as soon as it’s available.

How will I play my games?
We encourage our Launcher community to continue their experience on Steam. In early April, you will be able to migrate your library to your Steam account. Any title you own on the Launcher will be available to you free on Steam. Your purchases will carry over to your Steam account. Many game saves will also transfer, however some may require manual copying. For more information on which games will require you to manually move your saves, please see our FAQ Entry “What happens to my game progression and saves?”.

What will happen to the launcher?
You will continue to have access to the Launcher and access your games until May. Starting in May, you will no longer be able to play and access your games within the Launcher.

Will I still need a account if I no longer use the launcher after transferring to Steam?
Yes. Many of our games and services still rely on you to have a account. This will allow you to retain access to services including game mods, in-game items like skins, and access to exclusive news and updates.

Will I have access to the games I own on the launcher available to me on Steam?
Yes. You will need to take the steps to transfer your account info to your Steam account. Once the migration process to Steam is available, we will let everyone know and update this FAQ with the link on where and how to migrate. Please note, that you may begin this process at any time after it becomes available, but in May you will no longer be able to play your purchased games on the launcher. You will not lose access to your Library on in May, only the ability to play them on the Launcher.

What happens to my game progression and saves?
Should you choose to transfer your library to your Steam account, we will provide instructions on how to migrate your game progression and saves over to your Steam account where possible, so you may continue playing where you left off. Some saves will automatically transfer, however some will require you to manually copy them to your Steam folder. We will have more information on manually transferring saves soon. At this time, we expect almost all save progress to be transferable automatically or manually with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which currently is unable to transfer.

Virtual currency balances and game add-ons such as DLC and in-game skins will automatically transfer.

Will my in-game virtual currency (Atoms, etc.) be moved to Steam?
Yes. Your Wallet will transfer over to Steam once you have completed the transfer process.

Can I migrate to PlayStation or Xbox instead of Steam?
No. We are only able to support transferring your account information on PC. We cannot transfer PC account information to consoles.

May I migrate my account to another PC service instead of Steam?
No. We are only able to support transferring account information from the launcher to Steam.

Does the Launcher closing affect my account?
No. You will still need to login to your account to play our live titles such as Fallout 76 and access other services offered. Our games will continue to use a account in the future.

What about Fallout 76?
We have a comprehensive Fallout 76 FAQ available here.

Are all the same languages supported?

Will friends lists be merged? Will I need to re-friend friends I added on
Games that have the Friends List will be merged after migration. This includes Fallout 76, DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Rage 2, and DEATHLOOP.

Will the Launcher sunset affect my ability to play The Elder Scrolls Online on PC?
No. The Elder Scrolls Online is unaffected by this change.

Please continue to visit and follow our social channels for any updates. To our PC Community, thank you for your years of support and we look forward to continuing to supply you with great games on Steam.

Like other digital marketplaces on the site, we’ll eventually have a page for the Launcher and store. As of this writing the Bethesda store lists an appropriate 101 entries available to purchase or download for free, none of which appear to be exclusive to the platform. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the news, I’ll add a temporary date in April, and one for the 1st of May to the Watch List calendar until Bethesda announces more specifics.