Batman Arkham Origins*

Batman Arkham Origins*

Digital ReleaseDigital release dates and platforms
DelistingExact or Approximate date of delisting
Available OnAnywhere the game may still be available, digital or retail
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This page is a placeholder
More details will be added after further research is completed. For now, here are the details that were submitted to the site. If you have more info, please add it in the comments section below.

I saw someone submitting it and I want to provide further info regarding status.

– 1st the game is gone digitally on xbox marketplace only dlc remains.

– 2nd the game is backwards compatible but only the physical version, although you can buy the dlc on newer xbox systems.

– 3rd there seems to be a confusion about dlc status and season pass the link provide explanation about how to download and install dlc.

– 4th Some comments on forums say that the ps3 version is also missing Can´t verify if true. PLs check 🙂

Finally the game remains available on steam and Wii u when the message is been sent. This is for N/A region.

r/xboxone link

Thanks to mockturtle for submitting this game to the site (May 06, 2021)