Digital ReleasePC
August 2012 – Online
August 22, 2012 – Steam
DelistingDecember 20, 2023
Available OnNone
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GameXP announced on October 21st, 2023 on Steam that Avatarika would be shutting down just before the end of the year on December 20th.

The world does not stand still, and it is time to leave the cozy streets of Technopolis and move on. We regret to inform you that the Avatarika project will be closed on December 20, 2023. This game brought each of us many wonderful memories, incredible emotions and new friends, and for some, love, and all this will remain with us forever.

Wherever your path lies after Technopolis, we wish you good luck!

Steam Announcement – October 21, 2023

On Steam the game had seen less than ten active daily players since 2017 although it’s hard to tell how many others were joining through the original Russian-based PC launcher provided by Nikita Online. While the announcement was only posted on Steam it is assumed that both versions of the game would be shutting down on the same date. No public confirmation was given but the decision to shut the game down is likely related to the small number of active players and a need to consolidate resources across GameXP’s roster of other free-to-play titles.

About the Game

An online real life simulator with plenty of opportunities where anyone can create image just the way they like and live their dream life. The players can immerse themselves in a perfect world that resembles the real one in size and scope, but at the same time is pleasantly different. Prestigious job, high status, elite penthouse apartment in a skyscraper and a garage full of luxurious cars — everything people strive for can be easily obtained by simply playing the game.

Create your individual style with the help of myriad of fashion boutiques and beauty salons in this virtual metropolis. The selection of available trendy items is updated regularly. There are plenty of mini-games (including bowling, Q-zar, dancing and others) to keep you entertained, but you’ll have to master them all if you wish to make it to the top of the leaderboards. Make your dreams come true thanks to the salary you receive for simply being online! Play with cute pets and teach them tricks, acquire a private apartment or even a personal island, but most importantly enjoy good company. Clubs, parties, night sports car racing — there are plenty of ways to have fun. The virtual metropolis on the other side of your monitor is bursting with life and is made for meeting new friends and partying hard!

● Regular «salary» your character receives for being online and completing quests: you do not have to invest real money to enjoy the game

● Original ratings system, the need to monitor satiety, energy and mood of your character. Buy the best clothes, visit prestigious night clubs, beauty salons and fitness centers. Make your alter ego happy and successful!

● Making friends and having fun in a comfortable virtual environment

● Integrated mini-games: street racing, dance battles, paintball tournaments, bowling nights — all the entertainments a city can offer are yours to enjoy

● Advanced real estate system that allows your character to acquire a private island.

● Cute pets: take care of them and teach them tricks to surprise your friends

● Low system requirements: the game can easily be played on «office»-type computers and does not require a fast Internet connection.

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