ANVIL: Vault Breaker leaves Xbox in November, shuts down at year’s end

ANVIL: Vault Breaker leaves Xbox in November, shuts down at year’s end

Developer Action Square announced back on October 31st that the Xbox version of ANVIL: Vault Breaker will be removed from sale at the end of November and shut down on the platform on December 31st. The early access “Game Preview” title has been on Xbox and included in the Game Pass library since 2021.

We regret to inform our Xbox users that we’ll be phasing out service for ANVIL on Xbox in the coming months. 

We will stop selling the package version of Anvil on Xbox on November 30, 2023, PST.

Subsequently, the Xbox Game Pass/Game Preview service for Anvil will stop on December 31, 2023, PST.

Please note that you will no longer be able to play Anvil on Xbox after this date.

We’ll continue to update FAQ through our Discord channel

Thank you all for your support. It’s been a fun and exciting experience for us to service Anvil on the Xbox platform.

ANVIL Discord Announcement – October 31st, 2023

Unlike the Steam release which launched back in July of this year, the Xbox version is published by SK Telecom and according to Action Square “the rights to the publishing […] belongs to them”. Although neither party has confirmed it, Action Square’s wording in an earlier update implies that the active player base on Xbox just wasn’t there. “Once […] the need for the game on other platforms is there, we will strive to get the game in its latest version back onto Xbox,” reads the FAQ post on the game’s Discord server.

Thanks to TrueAchievements and our own HandMaskTar for pointing out this news. I’ve added the dates to the Watch List calendar and we’ll have a page up on the site later.