Digital ReleasePC
April 01, 2016 – Steam
June 08, 2016 – Oculus
December 12, 2018 – Microsoft Store
DelistingMarch 10, 2023
Available OnNone
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AltspaceVR and Microsoft announced on January 20th, 2023 that the AltspaceVR platform and apps would be shut down later that spring on March 10th. The announcement from the team follows:

When AltspaceVR first launched, our vision was to create a place where people from around the world could connect and socialize in real time. We knew virtual reality (VR) could be a fun place for immersive games, and much more importantly, we believed in the power of social VR to bring people together, build connections, and create share experiences. It was a bold vision, and with the help of our passionate community, the platform became a place where users made lifelong memories, formed cherished friendships, found love — and even married in IRL (in real life).

As we look to the future, we see the opportunity for VR expanding beyond consumer into business and now have an even greater goal: a more open, accessible, and secure version of immersive experiences in the metaverse. To achieve that we have made the difficult decision to sunset the AltpaceVR platform on March 10, 2023, and shift our focus to support immersive experiences powered by Microsoft Mesh.

The decision has not been an easy one as this is a platform many have come to love, providing a place for people to explore their identities, express themselves, and find community. It has been a privilege to help unlock passions among users, from educational opportunities for personal growth to the development of unique and wonderful events, groundbreaking art, and immersive experiences — enabling this community to achieve more. With Mesh, we aspire to build a platform that offers the widest opportunity to all involved, including creators, partners and customers.

Over the coming weeks, we encourage the many creators and developers who are part of the AltspaceVR community to host final events and download their content*. Information on how to download content is available here.

We want to thank all who have used AltspaceVR over the years to bring a delightful and enriching dimension to the world.

We look forward to what is to come, including our launch of Microsoft Mesh, a new platform for connection and collaboration, starting by enabling workplaces around the world. In the near-term, we are focusing our VR efforts on workplace experiences, learning from and alongside our early customers and partners, and ensuring we deliver a foundation that enables security, trust and compliance. Over time, we hope to extend to consumer experience a well.

To learn more about what is next for Microsoft Mesh, visit and sign up for updates here.

If you are an existing Microsoft enterprise customer, you can also reach out to your Microsoft account manager to hear more about Microsoft Mesh.

AltSpaceVR Announcement – January 20th, 2023

An additional Microsoft FAQ page provided specific answers for AltSpaceVR users including information on how to export some of their content from the platform. Data like membership logs and event lists could be exported as csv files but the individual 3D spaces and models could not be exported or imported into another similar platform at the time.

About the Game

AltspaceVR is the leading platform for live, virtual events, empowering artists, brands, and businesses to easily design meaningful experiences that foster community and connection.

As the premier platform for live, mixed reality Events and experiences, AltspaceVR contains infinite opportunities for human connection and collaboration. With this app, you can create or attend a seemingly endless array of virtual Events. Live concerts, conferences, comedy shows, festivals, tech talks, team meetings, remote collaborations, we’ve got it all! And thanks to our expressive avatars, spatial sound, and immersive virtual environments, AltspaceVR allows people to feel like they’re together even when oceans apart.

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