A.W. Phoenix Festa

A.W. Phoenix Festa

Digital ReleasePlayStation Vita
January 28, 2016 (JP)
July 26, 2016 (AU, EU, NA)
DelistingDecember 2018
DeveloperAPLUS Co
PublisherBandai NAMCO
Available OnRetail
PlayStation Vita (JP)
LinksBandai NAMCO homepage [Archive]
PlayStation.com page [Archive]


A.W. Phoenix Festa was delisted from the PlayStation Vita in December of 2018. Based on the anime of the Japanese light novel series, The Asterisk War: The Academy City, the game was most likely delisted due to expired licensing. The game remains available on physical media exclusively in Japan.

About the Game

In this action RPG game, play the events of The Asterisk War animation series! Live the life of hero Ayato Amagiri and experience Rikka Academy and the Phoenix Festa storyline. Players will go through simulated high school experiences while fighting in over the top tournaments.

  • Create your own original character or play as the series hero Ayato Amagiri with superhuman powers and abilities
  • Develop original characters going through the ups and downs of a high school student
  • Exciting tag team battles with different power effects
  • Battle together in local multiplayer mode
  • Colorful anime visuals bring the series to life

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