A Farewell to Dragons

A Farewell to Dragons

Digital ReleaseSteam
November 12, 2009
DelistingApril - July 2012
Publisher1C Company
Available OnRetail
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A Farewell to Dragons was most likely delisted on Steam between April and July of 2012. Although the game had many unresolved bugs and reportedly caused frequent crashes, the delisting seems to be related to 1C Company’s license of the Russian fantasy novel on which the game is based, “Ne Vremya Dlya Drakonov” (translated as “Not the Time for Dragons”) by Sergey Lukyanenko and Nick Perumov. When asked who holds the game’s license on Twitter in 2019 the company’s official account responded simply “unfortunately not us anymore”.

About the Game

A Farewell to Dragons is a classic Action/RPG that takes place in the universe based on the fantasy book written by famous Russian writers Sergey Lukyanenko and Nikolay Perumov. Fateful times began in the Middle World, from now on its destiny depends on Victor, the main character of the game. The hero will discover the magic of four elements, master the power and fulfill his destiny. Leaded by young sorceress Telle the hero has to grasp in intrigues, experience himself and accept his fate. Will he become Dragon the Created or the Dragon Slayer?

  • Classic party Action / RPG.
  • Superb blend of fantasy and steampunk settings.
  • Main character possesses the magic of four elements, totem spells, cold steel and fire-arms.
  • Mystery sorceress Telle, femme fatale from Clan of Cat named Loy Iver and other fascinating characters.
  • Effectiveness of elemental magic depends on the time of day – you need to choose the battle time carefully!

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