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There are a lot of ways YOU can help the Site!

Spread the word, throw in a buck or fill me in on some other delisted games. Below are just a few of the ways you can contribute and support this crazy site. I thank you right now for anything you can offer!

Spread the Word about the Site

  • Simply join along on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube
  • Use the share icons on any page to pass along a game to your friends or followers
  • Should we have a forum? We should probably have a forum


Contribute Your Knowledge . . . or Money

I’m trying to keep the site ad-free and use affiliate links to Amazon and Play-Asia to generate a little income. However, most of the games on the site were only released digitally so it’s not a huge benefit. That’s why I’ve turned to Patreon in hopes that readers, researchers and curious gamers will help offset the cost of this crazy endeavor.

If you know of a game that’s been delisted that isn’t on the site or if you’ve got more information on why a game was delisted (this is the stuff that is hardest to dig up) please let me know via the contact form below or make a post on our Facebook page. It’s easier to interact with you there but if you’d like to submit a game anonymously or leave us feedback, use the contact form below.

Name and Email are not required to submit the form but please
state if you would like your contribution to be anonymous.