Video Horror Society

Video Horror Society

Digital ReleaseEpic Games Store, Steam
July 18, 2022
DelistingJune 11, 2023 – Removed from Availability (Steam)
September 08, 2023 – Server Shutdown
DeveloperHellbent Games
PublisherHellbent Games
Available OnNone
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Hellbent Games announced on June 9th, 2023 that Video Horror Society (formerly known simply as VHS) would be removed from sale and shut down on September 8th on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Hellbent Games’ announcement follows:

We have some unfortunate news about the future of our game. After two Betas and nearly a year in Early Access, we have made the very difficult decision to sunset Video Horror Society. We know this game means so much to so many of you, so we want to take a moment to explain our reasoning behind this difficult decision.

We are transitioning to peer-to-peer matchmaking and over the next three months we will be ending live services so that we can focus on other projects. On September 8th 2023, we will be removing Video Horror Society from Steam and Epic and shutting down the game completely.

We really hate goodbyes. Video Horror Society has been an absolute joy for us to work on, and we know you’ve seen our team’s passion in every aspect of this project. Unfortunately, we have not found the commercial success that we need to cover costs to keep the game running.

As part of this process, we are removing our DLCs, Fanbux bundles, and Founder’s Packs from stores, and we will be adding Flux purchase options for any teens, monsters, cosmetics, or items that did not previously have them. Existing Fanbux balances will still be able to be spent, and we will still have a full store rotation of content so you can keep earning and spending your flux in peer-to-peer games.

We are so proud of the game our talented team has created and the incredible community that we’ve built around it. We want to thank you all for all the support, feedback, GG’s, and memes that you’ve provided on this journey. We are beyond grateful for the kind and inclusive community that has helped us make Video Horror Society into what it is.

To The Video Horror Society Community – June 09, 2023

VHS was removed from Steam the day following this announcement. The Epic Games Store version remains available to download as of this writing.

About the Game

Something Evil has arrived in the video store…
Abominations once confined to video store cassettes have escaped the tape and transformed into deadly reality. Experience pulse-pounding 4v1 combat amidst neon-soaked cinematic labyrinths where power shifts unpredictably between Good and Evil, but always ends in a fight-to-the-death climax fit for the silver screen.

Monsters follow a script that calls not only for death, but total domination. Be you the Werewolf– brutal and swift, or the Doll Master– creeping and conniving, you are designed to feast on fear, terrorizing your teenage prey relentlessly.

Teens scramble to flip the script with weapons fueled by ancient Stigma– Burn, Shock, Curse, and Purify– that extinguish Evil. Blast monsters with a faceful of Flame and Fury, dish out a killer jolt from your Raygun or RC Flyer, swing Cursed Swords and cast curses, and harness the glory of a Holy Slingshot or Cross.

Video Horror Society bleeds 80s horror, and if you’re not careful, you will too.

Fight Back or Die
The monsters of Video Horror Society are a tribute to over the top 80s horror where anything goes. From a classic Werewolf to the sinister Doll Master, fight as a growing roster of grotesque, ferocious, and lethal creatures. As a Teen, craft and master a variety of single use and limited fuel weaponry for a shot at turning the tables on the monster. There is no escape, so you must fight to survive.

Movie Magic
Each level is hand-crafted and designed for the ultimate cinematic showdown. Explore classic and fantastical cinematic locales, from decrepit hotels to top-secret research facilities.
Hero’s Journey
Each character has a skill tree full of unique perks and custom cosmetics along their personal path to becoming the ultimate hero or villain.
Celebrate Creativity
Showcase your own style from head to toe in colorful costumes and vivid variants that celebrate the freedom of the 80’s video era. Become the ultimate Video Horror Society fan as you collect an entire shelf of movies full of challenges that reveal hidden lore and reward themed cosmetics.
Free to Play
Video Horror Society is already yours to enjoy, so hop in!

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